Zodiac Sign Personality Trait


Zodiac Sign Personality Trait

Personality Traits:

Aries: The fiery yet softer at heart lover with a bold mentality.

Taurus: The Resilient but sensual one who plays both naughty and nice.

Gemini: The sexy clever one with an answer for everything.

Cancer: The low-key devoted one with a savage mouth.

Leo: The temperamental one with a heart of gold.

Virgo: The humble closet freak with a bite and a bark.

Libra: The charming shopaholic you don’t want to discriminate against.

Scorpio: The passionate firecracker who loves hard and fights even harder

Sagittarius: The fun-loving badass who won’t put up with your shit.

Capricorn: The lover and friend with a sharp tongue and soft heart.

Aquarius: The no-nonsense rebel with a greater mind than yours.

Pisces: The undercover freak with a strong desire to love.

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