You have to be on the same wavelength

Debra Pry


You have to be
on the same wavelength
to connect.

Karthik Parthasarathy


Playing two different pieces of music,
Listening to both at the same time. 

Harmony or not, when they mix,
A new type of music, a new experience,

Or Spoiling both songs, a disaster,
Depends on how we see it. 

Such is love too, 
a mix of two different people. 

New experience or disaster, 
it is for us to decide. 
Anindya J Ganguly
We pretend to listen 
to each other’s buzz
But in reality we fail 
to build the Cusp.
The curse of narcissism 
takes us head on
As love dissolves in a 
memoir of pollened dust. 
Sulekha Pande
To create perfect melody,
one has to be 
on the same wavelengths,
to listen to the life rhapsody,
one has to listen 
to each other’s tunes. 
Happy Honey


Liking each other.
Doesn’t mean 
should have same pace.
Give them their space
And everything falls into place
Rinku Shah


We can share a song,
Not for too long
Disagreements are not wrong,
Tide over them 
for a bond that is strong! 
Rinku Shah

Let’s agree to disagree…
Not make music into a cacophony!
What nourishes you,
May not be for me true!


Johnny Lee Sears Jr


Share with me the songs 
that own your heart. 
If they can woo me to, 
then I belong with you. 
Sulekha Pande

To be in perfect harmony,
listen to each other’s symphony..

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