Signs You Don’t Love This Person, You Love The Idea Of This Person

Signs You Don’t Love This Person, You Love The Idea Of This Person

What are the signs that you don’t love this person?

Love is an incredibly complex emotion. It makes you feel attracted to a number of situations that you are not at all familiar to. It is not that the otherworldly matters of love makes things complex but because it forms a situation in our minds. We think and feel about the situation and moments that are incredibly complex and while there is nothing wrong with it, it actually feels like you are just in the idea of being in love.

1. You are two different persons at two different times

It’s not loving, but a need just to fill the “lonely Void”. You go by the idea of “Something is better than nothing” You think you need ‘someone” even when he’s not the right fit.

2. You want to be with him even when you want him to change a few things

You haven’t accepted him yet. You see his flaws, and constantly want to change him. You do not love him, but just the idea of what he could be”

3. You search for standards of love in others

Other couples make you feel jealous. When you look at them, you wonder if you two can be as happy as them.

4. There is no sign of having a future with him

Your life goals are all about you. You are not in a mood to settle down anytime sooner. Settling down with this guy has never crossed your mind and every time someone talks about it, you simply choose to change the topic. For now, you like his presence but even you are unsure about what to do in the future.

5. You don’t really love him but you are compromising for the love they give you

You want to believe that you are in love but deep inside you know that there is a lot of superficiality in your love. You can’t let him go but you can’t make it real at the same time.

6. You still live in the past when present has changed a lot

We change, accept it or not, we all do. And there’s no blaming or cribbing if he might have changed too. But somehow you haven’t moved on with this change’ and are still in love with the glorious memories. It is not Him now – But an Idea of Him that you are in love with.

You cannot really be sure of anything, but you still choose to believe in the less likely version of reality because it’s more appealing.

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Signs You Don’t Love This Person, You Love The Idea Of This Person

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