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Why I Love The Zodiac Signs

Why I Love The Zodiac Signs

Why I Love the Signs  

Aries- I love you because you’re not afraid to take up space in this world. Your passion is mesmerizing and the way you do no harm but take no shit is amazing. You laugh proudly and talk even louder. The way you stand up for the under dogs is courageous.  

Taurus- I love you because you don’t care what others think. You don’t look down upon people and instead offer solutions to help them. You rarely get feelings involved and you brush every insult off of you like it’s nothing. You never let anyone get you down.  

Gemini- I love you because you don’t water down your personality to fit in with others. You let yourself do what you want, when you want. And if anyone has a problem you deal with it head on. I admire your strength to stand up for yourself.  

Cancer- I love you because you feel everything so deeply. Your empathy and sympathy towards other people is something to be jealous of. You easily make people feel welcomed and worthy when their in your presence. I’ve never seen someone so graceful when entering a room.  

Leo- I love you because you are always the center of attention. You are usually capturing everyone’s attention. I never worry that no one likes you because one way or another you will have swooned everyone off their feet. You take great care of your mind and body.  

Virgo- I love you because I never worry about awkward silence. You make the room more lively and brighter. You always manage to look on the brighter side of things while also being logical. The way you balance between being a pessimist and optimist is breathtaking.  

Libra- I love you because you’re always seeking peace despite the situation. You’re diplomatic and welcoming agenda makes people more comfortable. Your attitude towards life is sweet and I love how you try to make things more fun even in shitty situations. Your laugh is like music to my ears.  

Scorpio- I love you because your snarky attitude is a breath of fresh air in this serious world. The way you use your actions rather than your words to show you care is admirable. You care a lot about people and it makes me wanna be a better person. You’re incredibly intelligent and hearing you speak makes my day better.  

Sagittarius- I love you because you can get along with just about anybody. You never worry about people not liking you because you read people so easily. You are great at small talk and getting past the harsh barriers when interacting with people. You’re persuasive and a thoughtful person.  

Capricorn- I love you because you bounce back from things quickly. Your work ethic and the way you follow through with dreams and goals is incredible. I feel ten times more productive when sitting by you. The way you set your mind to things and really give your all is amazing.  

Aquarius- I love you because of your touch with your inner child. You can be serious when needed but most of the time your all smiles and giggles. It’s nice to not think about awful things when I’m with you. You make me forget my worries and just live in the moment.  

Pisces- I love you because your patience goes beyond time and space. Your willingness to talk through things and work past bumps in the road is awesome. You refuse to give up on people, always putting in more and giving other people more even if you don’t receive the same.  
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