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When The Married Man You’re Dating Ghosts You: This Is What It Means

What It Means When The Married Man

When a married man ghosts you, there can be several reasons behind his sudden neglect and lack of love. Are you in a relationship with a married man who’s turning a blind eye to your existence?

Here we have five potential reasons behind why he’s ghosting you. Read below to learn more and how to deal with a man who has been using you.

I am so very sorry if you are reading this article because your married man ghosted you.

I know that having an affair with a married man is full of highs and lows, agony and ecstasy and some days you just wonder if it’s all worth it!

So here you are, in the deepest of lows, wondering what the hell is happening.

When A Married Man Ghosts You: There Can Be 5 Reasons Why
Why Your Married Man Ghosted You: Dating A Married Man

I can tell you, from personal experience and the experiences of my clients, what just might be happening if your married man ghosted you.

When A Married Man Ghosts You: There Can Be 5 Reasons Why

1. He is freaking out, again.

How many times have you and your married man broken up? I am guessing probably way more than once.

Are there times when he is overwhelmed with guilt and he declares that he just can’t see you again and you, tearfully, agree to say goodbye?

I can’t tell you how many times this happened to me when I was involved with a married man. We would be seeing each other regularly, really happy when we were together, talking about the future and then, out of nowhere, he would get consumed by guilt and decide that he had to let me go.

It was so sad for me – especially those times when he decided to ghost me instead of being honest with me.

I would be left devastated, wondering where he was and sure that he had never loved me. It was horrible.

But, every time, 4 weeks later he would call me, for some stupid reason, and we would agree to meet ‘as friends’ but the whole vicious circle would just start up again.

So, if your married man ghosted you, it might well be because he is freaking out. Again.

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2. He takes you for granted…

I have a client whose married man regularly ghosts her. Things are going along just fine and then, out of the blue, she stops hearing from him.

What often happens during this time is that he is doing something with his family or friends. Perhaps it’s the weekend when they are all skiing together, or a weekend away with his wife or his in laws are visiting. For whatever reason, he doesn’t/can’t/won’t text.

And he doesn’t tell her ahead of time because he knows she will get mad and so he just ghosts her when the time comes.

When a married man disappears on the woman he says he love, he is taking her for granted. Why? Because he assumes that, no matter what he does, she will be there for him when he gets back. And, more often than not, she is.

So, if your married man ghosted you it could be because he is taking you for granted.

3. He doesn’t want to disappoint.

On the other side of taking you for granted is the fact that he knows that if he tells you the truth, it won’t go well. He perhaps scared that he will hurt you. He might be worried that you will be angry or disappointed. And he knows that he can’t handle those kind of emotions. Most men can’t, even those in committed relationships.

I can’t tell you how many times my married guy disappeared. He had no problem being there for me when things were good, when he wanted my support or my bed. But when it came to facing up to what was going on, he ran away. He knew that he might hurt/anger/disappoint me and he just couldn’t bear the idea of doing that.

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