What The Zodiac Signs Have Done For Me

what the zodiac signs have done for me

What The Signs Have Done for Me

Aries: I feel so safe around you. Like nothing can touch me, nothing can get in the way of my wellbeing if I’m with you. You’re always in my corner, ready to fight anyone who threatens my safety and it’s something I can’t shake.

Taurus: You always know when it’s time to vent. You sit down with a listening ear, and you never judge no matter what the situation is. You always try your best to make sense of my thoughts.

Gemini: You know how to make any situation lighter. You bring a sense of fun and humor anywhere you go and no matter what’s going on. You’ve made my tough days feel like nothing.

Cancer: You don’t waver in your loyalty no matter what happens. You’re steady and stable and you’re always there even when nobody else is. A friend like you is hard to find.

Leo: You don’t ever let anyone put me down. You’re always there building me up and making me feel like a bad bitch. You never let me forget how far I’ve come and what I have the potential to do.

Virgo: You don’t let anyone step all over you, and you’ve taught me to do the same. You allow me to have a voice for myself and tell people when they’re being unfair. You’ve taught me to speak my own truth.

Libra: It’s so easy to open up to you. You so willingly let people tell you their stories and make it so that they can be themselves. No matter what, you keep the door open.

Scorpio: You’ve helped me believe that life is not worth it unless I am feeling. You’ve opened up my emotions and I’ve allowed myself to find the beauty in my own intensity.

Sagittarius: You make me feel like I matter. My opinions and thoughts don’t always have to be tucked away in my mind, but said out loud for everyone to hear. You’ve taught me my own importance.

Capricorn: You’ve made me believe in myself. No matter the task, you’ve helped me to understand that as long as I remain determined, I can do it. And as long as I keep going, I’ll make it.

Aquarius: You’ve helped me not take life so seriously. You’ve given me so many moments of pure bliss and feeling like a child again. It’s something so many people crave, but can never achieve.

Pisces: You’ve made me more aware. Aware of people, emotions, thoughts. You’ve given me the ability to see things from a new perspective and not only see my own.


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