What Scares You Will Set You Free

What Scares You Will Set You Free
Allan Franco

What scares you
will set you free!



Verna Barrientos Buen

If I allow myself to get stuck,
I will just fade away
into nothingness.


Rajeev K Singh

Let all the demons fly out,
Be quite no need to shout.
We will be reincarnated again.
With lots of love and no pain.



Karthik Parthasarathy

As I stand rooted in one place,
With no way to move,
Staring into the horizon,
Slipping into deep oblivion,
All I have is hope,
A hope for some kind of future.
I see it fading away though,
Flying away bit by bit, even if slow.




I am made up of million little things
called hope.
As they fly into the vast sky,
I know life may be hard,
But it’s worth a try.

Rinku Shah

When the time is right,
You will be ready for flight.
The need to stay sheltered will ebb away.
Ready to discover a new ways!



Mason Jaxon Whitaker

Giving all of myself until there is nothing left



Esther Dawn Ramírez

pushed them away without noticing that I was losing myself.



Debra Pry

Give yourself wings of hope,
And lift them high.
The sky is the limit,
To spread your wings and fly.



Felicia Holmes

Only when we have faced the darkness within ourselves & overcome it, do we know freedom.



Sherry Greene

Frozen in a place we created ourselves,
We still yearn to be free…

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