What Each Sign Wants To Hear

what each sign wants to hear

what each sign wants to hear

Aries: “you’re doing the best you can, don’t be so hard on yourself.”
Taurus: “you may be sad right now, but there and people you haven’t met yet and things you haven’t seen. the world needs you.”
Gemini: “love will come. just be yourself and trust in the world that everything you want, is right around the corner.”
Cancer: “you are perfectly fine the way you are. don’t change yourself for anybody or anything.”
Leo: “you are a fighter, you can get through anything, and it’s even okay to lean on other people from time to time.”
Virgo: “putting yourself out there will not result in anything bad. so many people will love you for you, don’t be scared of the world.”
Libra: “i know how hard you’re trying, and one day it will all pay off. just be patient”
Scorpio: “you don’t need to put up a wall. not everybody will hurt you. being soft and vulnerable is okay.”
Sagittarius: “loving people as hard as you do is not a weakness.”
Capricorn: “you don’t always have to be happy. it’s okay to break down sometimes, or a lot.”
Aquarius: “don’t feel pressured by what other people want you to do/be. what you are is beautiful and always trust in yourself that you’re doing the right thing.”
Pisces: “the big heart you have is so admirable, but sometimes you need to use it on yourself instead of everybody else.”

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