Want To Meet Someone Who Has Seen Evil In Human Form

Want to meet someone, who has seen evil in human form ?

Want to meet someone who has seen evil in human form and actually became stronger through the experience? Want to talk to someone who has wisdom beyond their years? Want to see what inner resiliency looks like in a person? Spend some time with a survivor of narcissistic, sociopathic and psychopathic abuse. They are some of the most: sparkly gems I have ever known.

– Shannon Thomas

13 thoughts on “Want To Meet Someone Who Has Seen Evil In Human Form”

  1. Avatar of Grace

    This is me. I am an awesome human being. I can at last stand up and say I survived mind bending, mental, emotional & physical abuse.
    Thank you.

  2. Avatar of Jennifer Sebits

    Infinitely stronger for having survived what I have but the battle isn’t over, yet. I won’t lose myself in the process, however. I’m not and will never be cruel and heartless. With all the bad things that they have done to me and are still trying to do, I still don’t wish to do the same in return. I’ll fight because my hand is being forced and for no other reason. I would have chosen peace if it were possible. I’ll pay the price in the end, as will my children who are being used against me. The innocents are always the ones who pay most dearly but that doesn’t mean anything to some people. Their own selfishness will rule them until they die. It is what it is.

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