True Needs

People always give importance to the thing (they think) they need. A thing`s importance in ones life can be measured by its need. The things which are useless in life are thrown in the garbage۔

Surprisingly, today our behavior towards other people is the same. ” VALUE THE ONE YOU NEED”

In our society people value the person they need more, but when their demand is fulfilled (like the old parents) they throw them out of their life as a useless thing or put them a side as a show piece.

Generally, people value money because they need it otherwise they are nothing but a piece of paper.

Molavi said: ” This body is your horse and the world is its food, The food of horse and the rider cannot be same”.

Its human nature to value the things he need. So, we should realize our true needs.

A man is like a child who is not able to recognize his true needs, the toys are important for him; but when he grows up he realize that his needs were other than toys. we should help our soul to grow up.

Grow Up Man

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