Thoughts of you keep my company!

Thoughts of you keep my company!
Mai Quesada 

Thoughts of you 
keep my company!

Debra L Laing 

Parted from each other, 
but never apart.
Separate but never sundered.
I await you in my thoughts.

Rachel Leahanna Amburgey 

Somewhere in the universe of thoughts, 
wishes, and dreams, 
you think of a soul and they think of you. 
It’s not our flesh that makes us one, 
it’s our minds.

Brenda Bongat 

All those times I think of you, 
are you thinking of me too?
I know distance had us divide, 

I can’t wait till our paths collide.

Karthik Parthasarathy 

Mind travels faster than light
When stimulated, 

nothing can come close alright,
For some, it’s a cup of coffee
Or a book with a nice story
When in hand, 

mind goes on a journey,
To a world unknown, 

far away from reality.

Rita J. Panazzola 

No matter where we are, 
we share our minds and soul

Barbara Bauer 

When will you realize 
you are nothing apart 
but everything when you are together.

Aftab Hussain 

We may be doing different things 
but we are always in 
each others mind and are soul mates.

Rinku Shah 

Coinciding thoughts:

You thought of you,
And I did the same too.
Selfish or selfless?
A lover’s mess!
Was it love or a passing phase?
If it’s true we won’t have to chase
Till then I’m happy putting you first,
Love is the answer to our thirst!

Ramya Raghuraman 

Lost in my own world,
I turn a deaf ear to what is being told ;
Beware! There will come a day 

when you become old
And regret ignoring 

the same voices that unfold .

Erna Duspara 

Staring at this book
one word I have not read.
I keep thinking about you
and the last words that you said.
“Forever and ever and never apart”.
“I promise to love you and not break your heart”.
But that was a very long time ago.
I miss you, more than you’ll ever know.

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