5 Little Things That Can Hurt The Healthiest Relationships

little things that can hurt the healthiest relationships

Unless you have been living in some kind of fairy tale, you know that there are things that can hurt a healthy relationship, things that you want to avoid so you can stay in one.

When we fall in love it’s all fireworks and roses. You believe that you have the love of your life and that you will live happily ever after. And I am not saying that you can’t live happily ever after but I am saying that it can be difficult.

Many relationships fall apart because of the 1000 little cuts, those everyday instances that cause the other person pain. They seem like small things but, taken together, they can be very damaging to healthy relationships.

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Many causes of the damage to healthy relationships are obvious: treating each other with contempt, leaving your underwear on the bathroom floor, not taking out the garbage when prompted to, abstaining from sex, etc.

But there are other small things that people do often, things that might not be so obvious but are very important.

1. Hiding things.

Lying by omission means lying by omitting something from a conversation. For example, when asked why you are late coming home, you say that you stopped at the bar for a drink but you omit that you were there with a friend she doesn’t like. You know she will be upset and you don’t want to hurt her or cause any drama.

Without trust, honesty, and communication, love is just another four letter word
5 Little Things That Can Hurt The Healthiest Relationships

Have you ever lied to your person because you want to protect them? Have you ever thought that what they might not know might not hurt them? Have you ever purposely not disclosed something because you are scared of the emotional drama that might follow?

There are two reasons why lying by omission is a thing that can hurt healthy relationships.

  • The first is that you are keeping something from your partner and that is a lie and that will only pave the ways for more lies. And if you are lying to your partner you are demonstrating that you might not love and respect them and your healthy relationships might be hurting.
  • The other issue is that if you are ever caught in one of your lies, your partner will lose trust in you and going forward might be suspicious of everything you tell them. How much would that suck?

So, be honest. Always.

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2. No, follow through.

This one might be a little bit more obvious but it’s one very important things that can hurt healthy relationships.

Do you and your partner ever agree to do something and then one or the other of you don’t follow through? Do you not follow through because you didn’t really want to do it or because you forgot or because time didn’t allow? Do you try to sweep it under the rug and either lie about it or make excuses?

Not following through with something, without explanation, is a sign of contempt. That you just don’t do something for whatever personal reason and you don’t talk to your partner about the why and how you will sow the seeds of substantial disrespect.

My man and I used to have this problem all the time and then we finally talked about it. What we learned is that, when we make a plan, I assume that it’s a done deal and he assumes that we are still going to talk about it.

That is just how we both have operated before our relationship. We realized that we needed to be clear about our plan – did we decide to do it and then it would be done or is more discussion necessary? Knowing these things has made following up much easier for both of us.

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3. Ignoring the important stuff.

I had a boyfriend once who hated how hard I slammed the door of his truck. I didn’t know that I was slamming it – I just thought I was closing it like I closed any car door. But I guess I was closing it too hard and he didn’t like it.

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