There’s A Lot Going On Behind My Smile

There's A Lot Going On Behind My Smile
Lori Ann Cieslinski

There's a lot going on
behind my smile.


Hrisha Paul

Smile, before your insecurities
blind you completely.


Debra Pry

Take control of your thoughts,
before your thoughts control you.


Shan Basabas

It is easier to wear a smile
Than explaining
what's going on in my mind.


Rinku Shah

It’s easier that a smile I wear,
Than my mind I bare.
Very few really care,
Cherish the ones who do, it’s rare!


Karthik Parthasarathy

Feelings that cloud my mind,
Spinning a web inside my head,
A web so dark and twisted,
Positivity has no way to get inside.
Yet I have a smile on my face,
A curve that I use as my mask,
Not just to hide the real me from others,
But at times even from myself.


Ceona Chambers

So much doubt and fear in my mind,
I've had to hide my eyes
so others can't see the pain
that resides in each,
my smile deceives you,
but my eyes betray me


Rinku Shah

My thoughts are not ME
Smile and let me just be!


Mai Quesada

A smile hides all
what is going through your head


Tina Bell

Just because you see me
doesn't mean you know me.


Drishti Nagdeo

Stop those regular commentaries,
and get rid of your insecurities.


Drishti Nagdeo

You don't know
what a person holds
beneath her smile.

So, before assuming,
walk with her, a mile.


Debra Crown

Self-doubt clouds my mind.

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