The Zodiac Signs At A Party

The Zodiac Signs At a Party

Them At A Party:  

Aries: While having a good time with their friends they’re most likely to break something, walk away, and act as if nothing happened.  

Taurus: Carefully weighing the PROS & CONS of how to eat more food.  

Gemini: They appear to be everywhere. Someone is probably convinced they are The Flash in disguise.  

Cancer: Fixed to that one friend who brought them.  

Leo: They talk to everyone, most likely to be the host.

Virgo: They sit awkwardly in the corner. Probably wanting to open the book they brought with them.  

Libra: Taking care of their friends while they throw up.  

Scorpio: They silently observe everyone getting crazier by the hour and then spend the night making fun of them with snarky comments.  

Sagittarius: The one that ends up spending the night throwing up.  

Capricorn: They just judge everyone but, don’t go off their friend’s side. Always the designated driver.  

Aquarius: Depending on their mood, they’d either go crazy or stay in a corner judging everyone.  

Pisces: They are supposed to be the designated driver, but their memory sucks and they accidentally drink. Probably just chills in a corner if their friends aren’t too pushy.


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