The words I long to speak will not be heard or ignored

Debbie Raynor 

The words I long to speak 
will not be heard or ignored. 
So my deepest thoughts 
will remain a prisoner 
within my lips and very soul.

Ramya Raghuraman 

It hurts to speak
When my anguish is at its peak.
Talkative is my silence,
So loud that it deafens.

Vanessa Vories 

“The truth is my prisoner,
Silenced by ignorant bars.
My thoughts have no listener;
In their place lie growing scars.

The freedom that lives in me
Is dying behind my lips.
My words unheard, I can’t be;
My dreams are still sinking ships.

We hear not reality.
Our lifeless lips speak no script.
We’re owned by society;
Life becomes death, nondescript.”

Jaimie Mazzone 

Tell your ego to step aside 
and let your soul break free 
from the prison it has created!

Nancy Shurkoff 

Words never spoken 
cage my savage heart, 
dooming me to a life 
of loveless exile.

Sowmiya Kalyanaraman 

It’s said to speak only sweet and true
Even if the truth is bitter, anew
So in the pretext of pleasing society
I imprison my true words 

and thoughts, within

Rinku Shah 

If my right to speak,
Seems bleak!
My voice, bold or meek
Is in captivity however much I shriek.
Not expressing my opinion 

leaves me weak,
I will escape soon as I sneak.
Wait till I gather all the strength I seek
I know like you, I too am unique!

Manisha Shrestha 

Perfection often hinders 
true expression

Sowmiya Kalyanaraman 

Do you see me for me?
Will you please let me be?
When will I be free
To share what I want to speak?

Leslie Ortiz

 Prisoner of the words unsaid

Shah Jahan Jahan

Truth can’t be told .
There so many barrier to hold.

Amit Kale

You are prisoner 
of your own words!

Alice Frazier

My words entrapped inside my soul
I am always broken, never whole
A motherless child I was so long
My father dying when I was young
The streets became my solace and peace
But I lurked in the dark I did not speak
Now I am grown and I long to speak
I am dying inside my soul is weak
Someone open my heart, 

make me whole
Part my lips, find my soul

Shibatosh Kar 

For so long,
I let my unspoken words,
And forbidden thoughts,
To be kept behind a 
Makeshif bar,
Like some well-gaurded secrets.
Now my mind wants to break free.
For there is no greater agony,
Than bearing an untold story.

Kaitlyn Bell

The words left unsaid 
will stay behind bars. 
Leaving torment inside my mind 
that continue to play wars. 
Their sharp edges scrape my lungs. 
Their bitter taste upon my tongue. 
Will they ever find your ears 
one fateful day? 
If they never reach you 
I will continue to pay.

Anjana Surendran

Prisoner of own thoughts 
I dare not talk as much I conceive 
and I let myself suffer 
with the very thought of “thinking”!

Karthik Parthasarathy 

Imprisoned in your lips,
I have nowhere to go.
As my life slowly slips,
Can’t really swim against the flow.
Holding on to sanity 

with tightened grips,
I find pleasure even in this, though.

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