The Word ‘depressed’ Can Be Spoken As DEEP REST


The word ‘depressed’ can be spoken as DEEP REST

We can choose to view depression, not as a mental illness but as a state of Deep Rest, a spiritual exhaustion that we enter into when we are depressed (pressed down) by the weight of the false self, the mask, the mind-made story of “me”. We long to stop pretending, and express our raw truth! To give voice to our secret loneliness, our shame, our broken hearts, boredom, and brilliant rage! Depression’s call to truth needs to be listened to and understood, not analyzed or medicated away. There is no shame in your exhaustion. We are all exhausted, my love. Slow down today. Allow yourself to rest, deeply. And weep. And breathe. And begin again. Now. I say, our depression is holy. It contains the seeds of new life.

– Jeff Foster

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