The Three Currencies


The Three Currencies

Just as flora requires soil, sun and rain. Like fauna requires food, drink and shelter. There are three currencies vital for the continued evolution of the created human race. These three currencies exist as not figments of our imaginations or even as standards by which we should be measured, they simply just “are”. Our perception, understanding and observance of these currencies becomes our realities.

Mankind, as you know it, with its sinful nature can often struggle to sometimes leave well enough alone. Greed and control of any or all of these currencies shall only stall the fated and awaiting awakening of an emerging culture seeking spiritual awareness as it raises its vibration in perhaps not retaliation but inevitably to survive the fallout from capitalist and consumerism agendas that were always destined to cannibalize of themselves.

The balance of each currency may fluctuate no different to seasons from abundances to loss, quickly and slowly by mercy or grace. Money, Time and Love are given, taken and returned. Their cycle is perpetual, their value irrelevant other than their existence. They be to become and become to be.

Our free will and journeys are each of our own and these currencies when mastered individually can collectively elevate humanity to a higher consciousness. Alternatively, if allowed to be misgoverned, misunderstood or misappropriated the pendulum can swing backwards at any given moment. Tolerance of the intolerable is acceptance of the unacceptable. Choose your freedoms knowingly for if knowledge is power than ignorance is powerless, not bliss.

Each currency of Money, Time and Love is experienced and mastered by individuals in their own unique way however there is a common theme and pattern of stages that one must gain insight of to truly grasp them all. By breaking down each currency into three stages, I discovered what I can only assume was meant by Nicola Tesla when he claimed, “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 & 9, then you would have the key to the universe.”

Three currencies exist with six extremities dependent on our perception, understanding and observance of the nine stages(Money Earned, Money Borrowed, Money Spent, Time Turned, Time Tomorrowed, Time Rent, Love Learned, Love Sorrowed, Love Lent). When we consciously choose to discover balance by recognizing, identifying and addressing divide and conquer strategies opposing and disruptive to maintaining our presence perhaps then we might finally know the universe in all of its magnificence. Please take what you need and give excess freely to others in need.

I hope that you’ll journey with me as I expand further on this in upcoming posts.

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