The Sound of Pebbles

Each day, after the school, He would first go to the beach, before returning home.

Each day, He would pick up different pebbles and stones.
Piling up one over another, often would they slip and fall, but never did He give up and without any disappointment, He would resume the exercise till it dusked from the dawn…

His mom would come, take Him and go; and in fury she would demand, “Why are you here each day, I want to know…?”

Silent would He remain, with no reaction at all..
Only the sound of pebbles from His pocket, rubbing against each other, as He strolled, came along..

No one but Him alone, would hear these pebbles, stones and rocks talk, as if giving Him a call, as away from the beach He walked..

Anew He began each day, with determination and conviction, that today He would create a masterpiece, the one His father (in His eyes) would always see, “I see it in You, my son! You are a genius and one day the world would know it too.”

It was not that He understood His father’s words, nor did He understand the potential He had held…

Each pebble and stone that He picked up each day, to Him would they shine & reflect His father’s faith in Him, that sharpened His courage to fail, yet retry everyday..

Many years later a sculptor was found.
Not one, who would use tools to etch and carve, but an artist who had learnt how to balance pebbles or stones or be it even rocks, found on the ground.

He’d set them in a pattern, to stand tall uneven on the ground. Without a pebble moving a-turn against His command, a masterpiece was drawn; with pure faith and conviction, patience and persistence, which in many remains unfound…

Whenever asked, “How do you balance the imbalanced, these stones, tiny as bits and the big as storm?”
With a serene smile, would He respond, “When Obstacles are seen as ‘Challenges’ and Adversities as ‘Opportunities’, you learn to balance and make it an Art of Life; the  world will follow, and as a Masterpiece, would it be recognized.

– – – Lifeline Creations by Tanu© 2017


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