The Signs In Highschool

The Signs In Highschool

The Signs In Highschool

Aries: the one who always gets benched for fouls in sports

Taurus: the hottest person in school but they have no friends

Gemini: hate their best friends, obsess over grades

Cancer: the shy one but they cried one time in the halls

Leo: they hate school but get average grades, only go to socialize

Virgo: the one who u probably picked on constantly

Libra: the one who tries too hard when they don’t need to

Scorpio: kinda hates everyone but loves the teachers

Sagittarius: the one who would make themselves sick to leave school

Capricorn: the one who you ask how to spell a word

Aquarius: the weird one that everyone’s had a crush on

Pisces: the one who tried rly hard not to be noticed


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