How Many People You Are Destined to Fall In Love With Based On Your Zodiac

How Many People You Are Destined to Fall In Love With Based On Your Zodiac

They say that on average, a person will be destined to fall in love with 4 people during their lifetime. These 4 loves are all different and they all teach you something important to you.

But what if you are already in a loving relationship. Did the above observation make you feel slightly guilty? Before you hurry to swipe this article off your smartphone’s screens (lest your partner catches you reading up about all these other loves), relax. It is right there in the statement that it is an average. And there is no reason why you have to be, average. A lot of many factors decide how many lovers will we have and the zodiac is a great indicator if you want to unravel the mystery that is love.


Read on to know how many people your sign is destined to fall in love with.

How Many People You Are Destined to Fall In Love With Based On Your Zodiac

1. Aries –

Being an Aries, you are not one to shy away from talking about love. Because love is a very important part of your life- your love for your family, your friends and eventually your special someone, knows no bounds. Since you think of relationships as two people falling in love together, and not a quick fix for sex, you will not rush into many easily.

You might very well end up with your true love when you finally get committed, in the first (and thus last) try.


2. Taurus –

Taurus you too, love to be in love. But the difference between you and Aries is that you throw your love around and get a new crush almost every single day. No problem though, you are not stupid enough to confuse these flings (as intense they might be at the moment) for the real thing because you know that emotion is way too deep.

During your life, you will experience it 2 times- once in your younger years and then later in the more mature ones.


3. Gemini –

A Gemini is like a little kid in a store who just can’t make up their mind about which toy they want for your birthday. They fall in and out of love very easily. This doesn’t mean that they weren’t sincere in their affections, just that the charm or novelty of their partner wore off with time.

Thus the number 4 is best suited for a Gemini.


4. Cancer –

You are one of those people who daydream about their perfect love. You have quite high expectations of a magical kind of love but those can actually cause more harm than good. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself or your partner trying to imitate a perfect love that doesn’t exist.

Your first time falling in love would be very intense which will lead to much heartbreak when you split. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get lucky a second time- because you will.


5. Leo –

You do believe in love but you feel you need to taste every experience that the world has to offer first. And thus you find yourself with many interesting people during the course of your life. You would have fallen in love when you were young but it might not have worked out between you then.

But the next time you decide to fall in love, you’d take the decision with more maturity and thus better chances of success.


6. Virgo –

For a Virgo, self-care and growth might precede love many times. But that doesn’t mean they will never be in love. In fact, they will be in love with only one person during their lifetime for two important reasons.

First, when they do decide to focus on the love they’d make sure that the person is worth it. And second, they will then work hard and make sure that nothing comes in the way of their ambitions.

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