The Night Of Shiva


***Upcoming Mahashivratri – 13/14 February – the most powerful day of the year!***

In Yogic Science the day before the new moon is known as “Shivratri”.  

At the time of the new moon, the mind/intellect is at a minimum, opening a gateway for soul consciousness to be explored, experienced and embodied.

The moon in yogic science is can be partly reflected as the macrocosm of the mind {we begin to understand why Full Moon’s cause such chaos…}

Thus, the “Maha” {great} Shivratri aligning during Feb-March is the 0most powerful {of the 12 Shivratri’s in a year}.

It is the darkest night of the year -that is a devoted to the grace of Shiva, who is for me the Adi Yogi {the first yogi and from where the yogic tradition originates}, therefore a phenomenal opportunity for all beings to experience {or begin too} the consciousness of Shiva {the divine self within}.

An event which further imprinted celestial phenomena during this particular new moon was that Adi Yogi merged with Mount Kailash on this precession – after millennia in meditation, embodying the trait of the keepers of cosmic consciousness {mountains}, in being absolutely still. He became the centre of the universe, the in-between, the place before and after manifestation. This is why the “Mahashivatri us known as the night of stillness.

And in that stillness, we may be able to perceive the true nature of the divine. Stillness can be interrupted as the void, the primordial space, where all that is manifest and unmanifest expresses itself by the will of the creator/supreme intelligence/god. Many great masters say that the divine or supreme intelligence is omnipresent, all-pervading. And can be often seen as “light”. But if we consider that light is not eternal, because just like the suns light it happens and it ends. Even with the Sun’s light, if you put your hand in front of it, it leaves a shadow of darkness behind it. For me, the primordial light, is the darkness, as it has no source, but a source unto itself; it is the nothingness, the stillness, the emptiness. This is Shiva – “That which is not”.

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Thus, during the Mahashivratri – lies a divinely orchestrated opportunity for one’s ignorance and mental impurities to be illuminated into the darkness, for one to experience the infinite emptiness that lies within every human being, which may be the source of all creation.

Furthermore, as Yogic Science decrees, on this night the planet positions are such {planet is on the perfect titled axis} that way there is a natural upsurge of energy in all of nature. This is the day where nature, the supreme intelligence is pushing one towards their spiritual peak. Hence why it is a divine opportunity for one to cultivate evolutionary leaps in one’s physical and spiritual wellbeing to stay awake and aware in a vertical position throughout the night.

This natural upsurge of energy is directly connected to the Spine, and the organic course of spiritual awakening where the energy moves from the bottom of the spine, up into the higher energy centres, thus raising one’s consciousness.

The spine in Yogic Science is known as the centre/axis of the universe, the altar of God. If we look at the animal kingdom in comparison to human’s, the more vertical the spine allows an expression of creation to experience and embody higher states of consciousness.

This is maybe why every human has the potential for experiencing cosmic consciousness {seal-realisation, absolute communion with God} as the spine may be the stairway to the kingdom of heaven within {which leads to the spiritual eye, the dove descending from heaven}.

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