The love in me

Didn’t you?

Didn’t we almost had it all,
The love I gave was worth giving,
Everything I did with you was worth it all,
Falling for you was worth it,
Every inch and every centimeter of this fall was all worth it,
Every adventure everything we did,
Throughout all those days,
It was all for my love for you now isn’t it?
Loving you made my life worth living,

Didn’t we had the best of times?
Now I ask myself,

Is it wrong to go to the place where I dreamt of?
Couldn’t we reach out inside and see,
The beauty of the world,
Of you and me?,

I Admit selfishly,
I want you to,
Turn around,
And Collapse unto me,
Like the sun rays,
Touching the earth and the sea,
Like the tides crashing,
The way the water touches the shore,

Because you know I’ll never love this way again,

But I have no will to own,

And I simply want you free

They say love is a game

Win or lose and
I lose,
No it is that, I said,
I didn’t want to win your heart,
Nor did I want to lose you,
I simply wanted to make you happy,

And I love you,
No I don’t want you to believe me,
But I want the world to see,
What exactly does it take,
To love like me.

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