The Guillotine of Debt

James C Meyer


The Guillotine 
of Debt

Debra Pry
your life away.

Priyanka Tripathi
Living your life on credit,
Makes you slaves of the things
 that you don’t even need!
You become a life time payer
Of the things those are your killer!
Rinku Shah
Plastic money is a hype,
Empties your savings 
with each swipe.
Don’t be impulsive with money.
‘Twas saved for a day 
not so sunny! 

Sulekha Pande


The guillotine of credit and debit,
cuts deep into your pockets


Priyanka Tripathi

Adjust your wants 
and you will stop dying 
for your needs!
Rinku Shah
Swiping cards is a debt trap.
Get out of this before it snaps!

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