The Cloud Of Self Doubt

The Cloud Of Self Doubt
Karthik Parthasarathy

The cloud of self-doubt,
Raining acid on your parade,
Never allow it to take away,
The color of your life.


Kristen Bloom Bizzack

Don’t let a little storm cloud
wash away your rainbow.🌈


Ankit Pandey

In the rain of tears,
Colors of life's umbrella meltdown


Anindya J Ganguly

The clouded canopy of a raindrops
Brushes onto my esse of blues
To paint my umbrella of a rainbowed monologue
Into a colorlessly monochromatic dew.
The memo to life remains unscrewed
As the cue to live & love is reduced to a residue.
I became a debris of my own shadow
In a gamut ghetto of hues.


Priyanka Tripathi

Clouds of hurts,
Rain the pain!
Washing away the colours of life,
Breathing but not alive!
But this is making the blueprint,
Of my enlightening turning point!


Karen MacLeod

Shielding and hiding your pain
from the dark cloud and falling rain,
shadows your view of
the lucky rainbow of colors
flowing away from you.


Rinku Shah

When grey clouds appear,
The rain makes the colours disappear.
Let the puddles flow away...
Clear skies are on the way!


Karl Edwards

Hold your colour
even in the storms of your life.


Sarah Minton

These rainy days can really suck
the brightness out of you.


Morgan Wilkins

I shielded you from the storm
but you washed my colors away
and made me become gray


Barbara Bauer

Anxiety and depression
raining on my parade.

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