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16 Symptoms Of Energy Shifts, You Shouldn’t Be Ignoring

16 Symptoms Of Energy Shifts, You Shouldn't Be Ignoring

 Within this transition of the ages, many people will begin to feel many of these symptoms of energy shift on a regular basis as our bodies are adjusting and upgrading to the higher frequencies.

As we are heading into the Age of Aquarius, new energies are encompassing our bodies and are reflected in various physiological symptoms. Before you read this, realize that you are okay and that what you are experiencing is “The Shift”. This is a normal process when the universal vibrational energy forces you to rise above your normal level of existence here on Earth. What matters most is that you are aware of any symptoms of energy shifts. 

It’s all okay. You’re doing great. Through this shift you will also be experiencing various symptoms of energy shifts which you should not take lightly. Be aware of how your mind and body are reacting to these symptoms of energy shifts and pay attention to how you are changing on a daily basis. Spend some time alone to really observe the changes around and within you to really benefit from this energy shift. There is nothing to be worried about.

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Here are a few Symptoms Of Energy Shifts that you should not ignore:

1. Headaches:

When the crown chakra opens or expands it can be an intense and painful experience that can be felt physically. It might feel like a spike or rod is being inserted, but don’t be too hard on yourself. Headaches are common and they can range from migraines, to cluster headaches. Females seem to experience them more than males. They can be caused by too much energy flowing through the crown chakra, and by hormonal changes that occur when the chakras have been stimulated.

Sometimes the pain can be eased by asking the Spirit and your Higher Self to make an adjustment in the energy flow. Only when you ask for aid to ease the pain, which is part of the process that is opening and expanding your pineal or pituitary gland, will the pain lessen. As your vibrational rate increases, the pineal and the pituitary glands expand to accommodate the higher energy frequencies. Other glands change as well, but these two are the major ones that contribute to the headaches.

This can last up to a few months, or a few years depending on what level of spiritual development that you are at and your rate of growth. It is essential to connect to your Higher Self when your headaches get painful.

2. Flu-like symptoms:

This is quite common and part of the process. Just ride it out and don’t take antibiotics which will only prolong the process. These symptoms are caused by the physical body reaction to the toxins that are released when the chakras begin to expand. Whatever was constricting or congesting the chakras is flushed through the blood. Also, new beliefs and paradigms are enacted the imprinted consciousness in the blood becomes toxic to the physical system because it does not support the new thoughts and contributes to confusion. It is helpful to supplement the body with blood fortifying enzymes, herbs and essential oils to ease the symptoms. Hot lemon drinks will also help cleanse the body. Don’t work too much during this time, because you are going through a major shift in vibration. Try and take it easy, and it will pass.

3. Nausea, loose bowel movements, diarrhea:

This is a common reaction when the solar plexus chakra opens and releases the stored fear, anger and resentment held in the area. Karmic and family issues will produce gas and farting. The Bach Flower Rescue Remedy can ease these symptoms. Don’t be afraid to take it every 30 minutes if necessary.

4. Muscle aches and joint pain:

Increasing your vibration forces the energy through the body. When there are blockages impeding the energy flow this raised and forced energy slams into them causing these symptoms and ails. Often this is alleviated by asking for assistance from the Higher Self to adjust the flow to ease the pain. The body can quickly adjust to the higher vibration in a few moments, hours, or days.

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5. Depression:

A very common symptom caused by an increased rate of vibration. This higher frequency forces any illnesses, viruses, or infections hiding in the body to surface. To discover the root-cause contributing to this state examine your beliefs and decisions that are creating your reality. It is also important to monitor your internal dialogue to learn what you are creating for yourself. Observing and realizing the state you are experiencing is not cause by the present allows it to quickly pass. The herb “St. Johns Wart” eases depression and is anti-viral too.

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6. Crying for no reason, feeling emotionally vulnerable:

When blockages from this lifetime, and other lifetimes began to release the emotional body will react in this manner. The Photon Belt energy stimulates and contributes to the spontaneous release of these burdens. Trying to control or resists these urges further represses and blocks the energy making things more difficult. Crying, moaning, sobbing or toning becomes a cleansing release. Use a Bach flower remedy, or an essential oil to help with the emotional body.

7. Fluttering, pain in the heart area, or breathing problems:

This is a symptom experienced when the heart chakra begins to open or enlarge to receive more energy. Pain sensations in the heart and not being able to breath can be very frightening because you may think you are having a heart attack. The above symptoms are caused by the expansion of energy running through your solar plexus and heart chakra (heart and stomach area). The best solution is to relax which will adjust the energy flow. Anxiety and fear only constricts the energy thus, causing a more severe reaction. This is a normal experience when undergoing a frequency increase.

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