Stepping Out

What makes us who we are?
Has society or our social interactions contributed to who we are?
Or has their been other aspects in our life that made us who we are?
Stepping out from behind who we are can probably be the most difficult decision one can make. Our lives are so busy hiding behind ourselves and the life we lead It is often difficult to let go of our own complacency and the numbness that we created for ourselves that I think we get so caught up in Life we forget how.
For so long i have hidden behind myself and the situation my life has become, In recent weeks I have realized that I can not change what is, My health for instance.
Everything I feel, and all that I am is the real me.
Many of you have probably felt the same? If this is the case let me just say this, I was told once, just because what I feel can not be seen by others doesn’t make what I feel isn’t real. Though if you are anything like me you’re about to say ” That doesn’t make me feel any better”. The thing is it’s not meant to. I learnt it was designed to make you feel better or change your thoughts, rather it was designed to make you think about the feelings and why are they real and how they became so real.
Life is difficult no matter how it is seen, we have to want to be free of what numbs us and step out.
My story isn’t spectacular, nor can I say it is worse then anyone else’s. The fact is my story is just that, my story and when I write I speak from the heart. As I go through my own experiences I share them by writing and it helps.
Do you have the faith to step out from behind yourself?
Are you ready to take that first step in rediscovering what is real?


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