Some will even hurt themselves

Some will even hurt themselves
Ceona Chambers


Some will even 
hurt themselves 
to make sure 
you can’t move on 
Rinku Shah


A forced embrace,
Is a suffocating space.
Let’s not pretend,
Why do we need to defend…
A Relationship that’s falling apart?
Fragile are matters of a bleeding heart!


Rinku Shah


Marriage or Bondage?
Feelings of being a hostage
Why cause so much hurt and pain?
There’s more to lose than gain!


Sandra Lynn Christensen


Trauma bonded.
I came willingly but stayed 
by the duress of your mess. 
Jannai AnneMarie Sinfield-Smith


I thought he loved me 
but I was just feeding his ego. 
He knew he finally had me 
where he wanted me. 
He hammered doubt into my mind. 
Every snide remark felt like 
a nail penetrating through my skin, 
I was his prisoner. 
Johnny Lee Sears Jr


Twisted fate, and fated luck
You fell in love, now you’re stuck
Sometimes it feels easier to hold on
But it’s killing you,


Cynthia Stofanick


Our insecurities
may cause others pain.


Happy Honey


Don’t hurt your loved ones 
with your insecurities..
Set them free and see.



Happy Honey


Hold her with love
~ not with hurt. 

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