As we share a cup of steaming tea

O’ so warm, on a rainy day

Train of droplets slithering down

To lock their lips on a glassy pane


Rising up the browny brew,

A film of vapour twirls and swirls

A dance of intimacy that holds us tight

A solitaire of silence in your eyes


Hearts entwined as we trudge

Lonely paths sown with rustling leaves

Blooming thoughts weave dreams of hope

To colour the sky in myriad hues


I wonder!

What spell have you cast on me ?

That keeps me longing for a caress,

Your soothing breath on my crimson cheeks


No dizzying expectations to weigh me down

Nor the burden of tiresome claims

You bring me the gift of absence –

Absence of a judging world !


In you I find peace,

In you I find myself !

You and me, my solitude

We make such a perfect pair !


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