6 Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Respect You.

 May 15, 2017

6 Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Respect You.


4) Your partner behaves rude and unkind

Even the slightest sign of emotional abuse is disrespect; respect begins by not causing any type of abuse or harm. If your partner belittles you, calls you name intentionally and hurt your feelings, it is a sign that your partner doesn’t respect you.
Being judgmental and the loud tone of voice is rude and unkind, angry words and unkind speech of your partner hurt you emotionally and they know it very well, if they still choose to do it, it is clear sign that they don’t respect you.

5) Your partner tries to control everything

Respect is two Way Street, a relationship doesn’t work if one wants to ascertain control over everything. There needs to compromise, at least in those things which doesn’t matter much, one cannot always have things his/her way.
You have your opinions and needs and if your partner tries to control everything and insist on having things their way it is a sign that they don’t respect you. Try being clear to them about things that matter to you and let them know that their action is unacceptable.

6) Your partner disrespect your family and friends

Your partner doesn’t necessarily need to love your family and friends the way you do but there needs to be a respect. You will spend your lives together and at many occasions get to see each other’s family, it’s important to have that respect for them.

In any healthy relationship, it is important to respect your partner’s family and friends. The loved one’s of you loved one do matter to them and the least you can do is at least respect them for the sake of your love.


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