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9 Signs You Have Met A Love From Your Past Life

Signs You Have Met A Love From Your Past Life

5) You feel the butterflies in your stomach when you meet them

A volcano of emotions erupts within us when we meet that person. When you see them you feel like as if you have seen them after ages and you are overwhelmed in a good way. You instantly make your mind that you are not letting this person go.

6) You have past life memories together

You feel like déjà vu, you both share memories of a past life together. You’re going to someplace and suddenly you feel like you both have been here before.

You may often recall living or working together in a past life. The memories seem to be vivid and you’re often confused if it’s a dream or memory because you know you haven’t lived those moments with this person.

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7) You have a deep spiritual connection.

Your connection with them surpasses the physical realm, it’s not limited to the three dimensions but something much bigger.

You feel connected at the spiritual level, the deep connection among your souls. You feel totally comfortable expressing yourself to them as the connection you feel with them is not just physical but also emotional, mental, and spiritual.

You don’t always need words to communicate, sometimes you can talk for hours or not talk at all and still be understood.

Just being close to them you can feel that vibe, the connection. The bondage keeps you both linked in and you know in some dimension you both are always together.

8) They make you feel beautiful.

Around them you’re who you are and that my fellas are the real beauty. You feel accepted for who you are, they lift you up and you feel beautiful for what you truly are.

Meeting them you not only find them but also yourself, you feel like you just woke up from a deep sleep. The space in you fills with light, you feel alive than ever and you love your true self.

They unlock a different realm in you, you feel lifted up, and your spirit now feels much lighter. You find the world around you meaningful and beautiful.

9) You’ve never felt a connection so powerful before.

You’re shaken to the core by their existence, you feel that you never felt before. You try to recall if you have ever been in awe of someone like this before but no help.

You never are the same after you meet them, the love of your past life is your soul mate and your soul mate makes you and your life better, not everyone has the power to bring about this change.

Have you ever met a love from past life?

9 Signs You Have Met A Love From Your Past Life
Signs You Have Met A Love From Your Past Life Pin
9 Signs You Have Met A Love From Your Past Life
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