If He Says These 13 Things, Your Guy Is A Total Keeper

If He Says These 13 Things, Your Guy Is A Total Keeper

12. “I love you.”

It may go without saying that he should tell you this. Even so, declaring those three little words makes a difference to you.

He doesn’t have to say it every day. But he does have to say it when it counts — and with ease.

13. “I know.”

With this statement, he is acknowledging your feelings. He gets you like no other, and he’s there for you with a compassion you’ve never experienced before.

After saying “I know”, nothing else needs to be said. Instead, a touch, a squeeze of your hand, or a drying of a tear, those speak volumes. This man will be there when you’ve suffered a major disappointment or loss, in your most emotional, painful hour.

If your guy routinely uses these expressions, congratulations! You’ve hit the jackpot with this man!  Stick with him, and you are destined to have a bright future together.

If not, don’t give up on your new boyfriend just yet. Listen to him a little closer before you show him the door. Give him a chance to reveal further that he is either worthy of being yours or better off with someone else.

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Written by Lisa Petsinis Originally appeared on Yourtango Printed with permission

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If He Says These 13 Things, Your Guy Is A Total Keeper
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