Is She Refusing To Get Intimate With You? Assess These 5 Things

She Refusing To Get Intimate With You

“Don’t be the enemy stopping you” 5 reasons why she is refusing to get intimate with you

I know it’s annoying(almost frustrating) when a woman shows you signs that she’s interested or wants you, but when you make a move she hushes you.

Then you begin to ask yourself why does she keep coming around if she doesn’t want me? Which sometimes causes you to doubt and question yourself.

Well, personal hygiene is one area where except they’re your parents, people rarely do not have the courage to talk to you about, because they don’t know how you’d take it.

Here are five areas where regardless of how good you dress, how much money you make or your level of confidence will cause women not to want to get intimate with you:

1. Your Teeth

As men, we wait to experience it before telling how it feels, but on the other hand, women are creatures of imagination. They first see and feel it in their imagination before actually trying it out.

So if your teeth are not well kept or appealing to the woman, she’ll lose interest in you because when she imagines the two of you kissing, she pictures her tongue going into your mouth, passing through your teeth, and …

Do you think a woman will want to have her tongue go through your teeth if they’re not clean or well kept?

Except she’s obsessed about you, no woman will kiss you when you don’t have clean teeth.

On the other hand, well-kept teeth produce the brightest and most charming smile. Do you think a woman is going to hate you if you have a bright smile?

2. Your Nails

Imagine wolverine trying to caress your body with his hands, would you let him continue touching or caressing you?

Believe it or not, when a woman sees you, she looks at your hands to see if you have well-trimmed nails. She’ll cringe if your nails are too long because she knows in no time you will be leaving marks on her body.

It’s usually a turn off when you’re holding or caressing a woman, you mistakenly scratch her or peel off a little part of her skin.

3. Your Pubic Hair

Will you be proud to point out to the other girl in the pool who has a lot of hair in her armpit and say that’s my girlfriend?

Well, that’s the same way a woman will not want to tell her friends who she’s within the pool that you’re her boyfriend when you carry so much hair in your armpit.

So if you’re not trying to raise an amazon forest out there, it’d be nice for you to trim it or at best make it look like a desert. It shows her that you’re a hygienic man.

Chances are that if you have so much hair in your armpit, there’d also be some more in your underwear area, and no girl desires to see an amazon forest down there when you take off your underwear.

Here’s something you can do to make that place more amazing, shave regularly and always spray deodorant there. Imagine what will happen if she pulls down your boxers and she’s welcomed by a sweet smell.

4. Your Lips

“OMG! He has such seductive lips I can’t stop fantasizing about kissing him”

Well, no woman will say this about you if your lips are looking as hard as dry muddy ground. Neither, will a woman pick a man who has dried lips over a man who has the sweetest looking lips?

To most women, chances are if you have hard lips, you’ve not kissed much, meaning you’re also not a good kisser. When a woman imagine being with you, she sometimes pictures the two of you kissing,

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