Top-10 Alternative Android Clients for Telegram

Clients for Telegram

Telegram is one of the most preferred messengers in 2024. It is valued for its privacy features, personalisation options and broad functionality. Telegram is updated on a regular basis and continues to add useful features, such as secret chats, which have end-to-end encryption and offer complete privacy. However, the official application isn’t the only way to experience this service. Third-party solutions such as Graph Messenger, Nicegram, Bgram and others developed on the basis of the official messenger and have richer alternative functions. Here’s a look at the 10 different Telegram apps and clients for Android. 

Benefits of Using Telegram Clients for Android

Let’s firstly discover the main pros of using Telegram clients for Android. Leveraging the flexibility and openness of the Android ecosystem, here are some key benefits.

1. Extensive Customization

One of the standout features of Android is the ability to customize the user interface extensively. It is often take full advantage of this by offering:

  • Themes and Skins: Users can change the appearance of the app with various themes and skins, altering colors, backgrounds, and overall aesthetics.
  • Fonts and Layouts: Many clients allow changes in font styles and sizes, as well as the layout of chat bubbles and other UI elements.
  • Custom Tabs and Folders: Users can organize their chats more effectively by creating custom tabs and folders, grouping conversations by categories like work, family, or friends.

2. Enhanced Privacy Controls

Android’s flexible permissions system enables clients to offer advanced privacy features:

  • Hidden Chats: Users can hide specific chats and access them with a password or fingerprint, adding an extra layer of privacy.
  • Ghost Mode: This feature allows users to read messages without sending read receipts, offering more control over their online presence.
  • Multiple Accounts: Most clients support the use of multiple accounts, making it easy to switch between personal and group or business profiles without logging out.

3. Advanced Media Sharing

Telegram clients on Android often provide robust media sharing capabilities:

  • File Management: Enhanced file management options allow users to easily share, organize, and access media files, including images, videos, and documents.
  • High-Quality Media: Users can share high-resolution images and videos without significant compression, maintaining the quality of the shared content.
  • Large File Transfers: Android clients typically support larger file transfers, making it convenient to share extensive media libraries or work documents.

Best 10 Android Clients and Modes for Telegram

Now let’s take a look at the best apps we can recommend to Android users.

1. Nicegram

Nicegram is an alternative app that has gained popularity due to its robust feature set and user-centric design. It includes options such as the ability to enable or disable content filters. It is particularly useful for accessing restricted channels. Nicegram also supports multiple accounts, chat folders, and creation of custom tabs for better organization as well as to rally the community around the Nicegram Hub. Additionally, its “Incognito Mode” allows users to browse without saving chat history, enhancing privacy.  

2. Plus Messenger

This solution stands out due to its extensive customization options. It allows users to tweak almost every aspect of the user interface, from colors to font sizes, and even the layout of chat bubbles. One of its distinctive features is the ability to categorize chats into tabs (e.g., family, work, channels). This helps in managing conversations efficiently. Plus Messenger also supports multiple accounts, making it easier to switch between personal and professional chats for business needs. 

3. Graph Messenger (Telegraph)

Graph Messenger, also known as Telegraph, offers a blend of smart features aimed at power users. It includes a “Multi-account” feature, allowing up to 10 accounts on a single device. Privacy-conscious users will appreciate the ability to hide specific chats and lock them with a password. Graph Messenger also supports advanced file management, making it easier to share and store media. 

4. Mobogram

This solution is popular among users looking for a feature-rich alternative, and is known for its additional functionalities not found in the official app. These include a unique ID finder, ghost mode (which allows you to read messages without showing the read status), and more extensive privacy settings. It also supports custom user interface, offering a variety of themes for group and individual chats, as well as the possibility of additional emoji and stickers creation features.

5. Bgram

Bgram is another versatile Telegram client that adds a variety of features. It emphasizes user privacy, with options to hide chats and set up fingerprint locks. Additionally, Bgram includes extensive settings for customizing the app’s appearance and behavior, such as chat folders and notification controls. The app also supports advanced media sharing options and a built-in proxy for users in restricted regions.

6. Unigram

While primarily a Windows client, Unigram has an Android version that is worth noting for its comprehensive feature set. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Windows, it offers a consistent experience across devices. Unigram’s features include the ability to schedule messages, pin multiple chats, and use a wide range of bots. Its clean interface and focus on productivity make it a favorite among professional users.

7. Plusgram

Plusgram combines many of the best features of other apps. It supports different enhanced settings for users’ privacy, customized UI screen options, and advanced file-sharing capabilities. One of its standout features is the “ghost mode,” which allows users to appear offline while still being able to read messages. Plusgram also supports diverse accounts and a variety of colorful themes to make the best user experience.

8. Catogram

This client is developed with a focus on easy-to-use options and known for its smooth performance and user-friendly interface. It offers standard Telegram features along with some unique additions, like the ability to schedule messages and enhanced chat organization tools. For users who prefer a simple, no-frills messaging app, Catogram’s minimalist design makes it an excellent choice.

9. Nekogram

Nekogram is a feature-rich Telegram client that caters to users who need more control over their messaging app. It includes options for extensive customization, such as theme support and UI tweaks. Nekogram also offers protecting privacy settings, including options to hide phone numbers and protect specific chats with a password. Its ability to use multiple accounts and manage chats efficiently makes it a powerful tool for business communication.

These alternative clients offer additional features and customisation options to meet different user needs, while the official application provides comprehensive and secure messaging. No matter your focus on privacy or enhanced utility, there’s probably an alternative client out there that can meet your requirements. Exploring these smart options and modes can help you find the perfect balance of features and usability for your personal needs.

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