Ranking The Zodiac Signs Based On Who You Should Lean On At 2 AM

 March 10, 2018

Ranking The Zodiac Signs Based On Who You Should Lean On At 2 AM


1.  Gemini

When your life goes into a downward spiral and your thoughts keep you awake at 2 a.m., a Gemini is the best person to call. Not only is it guaranteed that they’ll answer after few rings, but they’ll also lend their ears to listen to everything that’s inside your heart. Since good communication is one of their greatest traits, you can count on them to give you a clear, gentle, and unbiased advice. They’ll guide you in solving your problems. Heck, they’ll even quote song lyrics or passages from the book that they’re reading just to encourage you and sprinkle positivity in your life. Geminis are best friend material. They will truly be there for you when you ask for their presence.

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2.  Leo

What makes Leo reliable is that they’re warm-hearted, cheerful, and very funny. They hate seeing you in miserable condition. They will do their best to crack a smile on your lips. If someone hurts you or mistreated you, they’re most likely going to make fun of those people and give you reasons why they’re not worthy of your attention. Leo has a creative and clever way of turning bad situations into incredible, adventurous ones. They’d rather drag you out of your room at 2 a.m. and experience unforgettable moments than wallow and cry with you on your bed.

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3.  Pisces

Pisces is the wisest one among all zodiac signs. They can immediately sense when you’re going through rough times, and they’re only waiting for the right moment for you to open up to them so they can share their sympathies with you. Everyone can easily feel deep emotional connections with Pisces because they’re naturally friendly. It seems like you’re always at home whenever you’re with them. They get so many respects from people because of their willingness to help those in need without any expectations. The existence of Pisces is a proof that there is still good left in humanity and in this world.

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4. Taurus

Even if you’re complaining about the same thing over and over again, Taurus will still be there for you to understand your feelings and be patient with you. They will hold your hands when you feel alone. In your darkest hour, they will be the light to show you the right way. They will put their fingers on your shoulders and push you to keep going. And if at one point you find yourself conflicted between two options, they will guide you to choose the safest, most practical one. But whatever decision you come up with in the end, they will still support you no matter what.

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