Zodiac Signs As College Roommates

Zodiac Signs As College Roommates

Zodiac Signs As College Roommates

Aries: Jumps into bed and hurts a part of their body, promptly asks “did you see that?”

Taurus: Labels everything in the shared fridge as “mine, but shares it anyway.

Gemini: Accidentally slams door at 3 in the morning and apologizes loudly.

Cancer: Is never home due to how many things they are involved in, is only home to eat ramen and binge watch Netflix.

Leo: Rearranges everything in the shower according to how much soap is left in the bottle.

Virgo: Does homework due in a month and questions your work ethic.

Libra: Orders a pizza with everything on it to make sure they didn’t miss your favorite topping.

Scorpio: Falls out of bed in hysterics and complains about all the cute people on campus.

Sagittarius: Spends the time they should be studying or watching old Youtube memes.

Capricorn: Is silent for hours, and suddenly screams “FUCK” about forgetting something that they were supposed to do two hours ago.

Aquarius: Looks up from laptop on a sunday night and shakes their head silently before getting back to whatever it was they were doing.

Pisces: Mutters under their breath while cleaning and listening to Taylor Swift songs.

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