15 Things You Should Look For in a Life Partner

Things You Should Look For in a Life Partner

Have you ever wondered what you need to look for in a life partner to stay happy?

Relationship experts have always been wondering what it exactly takes to be the perfect match.

Our deal-breakers are almost always clear to us. What we don’t want in a relationship is easily discernable. But, what makes for that amazing and everlasting bond that goes beyond just fun, sex and excitement?

Not everyone holds a preconceived notion about what they want and don’t want from a relationship. Often our wants are also not well-aligned to our needs. We might want a charming, fun and carefree partner, but we need someone who would understand us, protect us and is emotionally mature.

So the complexity of making a perfect choice is always of concern. When it comes to a relationship, it’s important that you listen to both your instincts and rational self before you make a decision to spend a lifetime with your partner.

To distinguish between a temporary person vs. someone you want to wake up next to every day, consider the following list.

No matter how hard the situation is, how monotonous it gets, how many hurdles you need to cross together, never let go of a partner who has these 15 qualities in him:

Know that you have got yourself a jewel. 

1. Respects and supports your passions and opinions

Your partner should be someone who listens, understands, acknowledges your opinions and respects them. He/she should understand your passion and how close to your heart they are. If they are happily making compromises for your passion, hobbies and interests, and encouraging you to achieve your best, don’t let that person go.

Your partner must be someone who inspires to embrace your own best version. He/she should be the person who brings about a meaning and purpose to your life.

3. Can be completely crazy around you

crazy around you

“Till forever” should always be a good balance of intense emotional moments and fun crazy moments. If you can’t be your real self and let that inner child unleash around your partner, without inhibition, life will not be fun again.

4. Absolutely adores you. 

adores you

Even if you are strong enough to be self-reliant and need no approval from your partner, he/she will still make it a point that you feel loved and pampered.

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5. Is willing to compromise.

There will be several moments in a relationship when you both will argue and fight, but to keep aside one’s ego and happily compromise for your partner is a sign of true love.

6. Treats your family just as their own.

If your partner never spoke fondly of your family members and friends, then he/she will not be able to continually appreciate you for the rest of your life. Your family is your extension. If your partner does not respect and love them, they can never love you.

7. Is self-reliant.

It is natural to have some amount of emotional and psychological dependency on your partner, but your partner should also be independent enough to function without you being with him.

8. Is trustworthy.


Never disregard the power of mistrust. It can wreak havoc in your relationship. If you can genuinely trust the other person about their feelings and intentions, your relationship with this partner will be smooth, full of happiness and prosperity.

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9. Accepts you just as you are.

Your partner will naturally accept you as you are. If it has to be forced then he/she will never feel like you are good enough for them. Your partner knows that you have imperfections and he/she accepts you just as you are, without needing you to change anything at all.

10. Your partner gives you space.

Your partner should know that you have a life outside your partner and that focusing on things other than your partner doesn’t mean you don’t love him/her. Let your partner understand the importance of distance and ‘me time’.

11. Forgives.

Your partner is not the one to dwell on the past or any setbacks that hold the relationship back. Rather they move on from conflicts and problems that might ruin the beauty of the relation. They consider your emotions, forgives your mistakes and trusts you to learn from them.

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