3 Phrases That Will Instantly Calm Angry or Emotional People


“The act of listening is reflecting back the person’s emotional state, not necessarily the content of what they’re saying,” according to Bernstein, and doing that by asking relevant questions is more likely to calm people down and lead the conversation onto firmer ground than any attempt to inject level-headed good sense.

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  1. How stupid! Way to go writing an “article” to make people with strong emotions feel they are in the wrong for being themselves & describing them as difficult, painful, primitive and loonies. While the methods may or may not work how about showing some compassion for others struggling with possible mental health issues or even just human emotion!
    I hope anyone else looking for ways to handle these situations has a much more humane approach than this writer.
    And to those feeling strong emotions, you are not alone & are worthy of respect and love. ❤️

    • Whoever wrote this knows nothing about PTSD! The first one may help. The other two it depends on the tone of voice and other factors. I suffer from PTSD and there is a thing called PTSD anger. It is a protective emotion so it can be a tricky thing for those of us that suffer from it. With PTSD the anger can seem disproportional to what is going on or how you feel someone should react it is because they were triggered and it has nothing and I mean nothing to do with the people around them. It is best to just say nothing and walk away in most cases. You need to not be writing this kind of thing unless you want to take responsibility if someone uses it and it backfires. Leave it to the professionals PLEASE!