People are not always what they show themselves to be

People are not always what they show themselves to be
Rinku Shah


People are not always 
what they show 
themselves to be


Noor Fatima


Beware of that innocent face,
who wears the mask of deception
For it will appear to you 
as a gullible sheep,
but has cunningness 
of wolf in its action! 
Shan Basabas


Some people are not 
who they appear to be,
Sometimes they come to you 
dressed in sheepskins,
When inside they are 
ravening wolves. 
Happy Honey


The one that appears gentle,
May be cruel at heart.
And the one that appears cruel,
May be actually gentle at heart.
Judging people by their appearance,
Is nothing but innocence.


Lee Smith


It’s not until the wolf aka
 the “narcissist” has you hooked, 
do they shed their sheep’s clothing
and by then, they may have
 already bitten deeply into your soul.
Rajeev K Singh


Don’t try to play 
with my innocence ,
I can change situation 
by my presence.
I may look calm 
and cool as sheep,
But wolf inside me 
can make anyone weep 
Chaarvi Kys


masks are for protection, 
not deception.
Ida Garcia Aspling


Be aware of 
what your eyes may see,
the Devil is clever 
if it’s your soul he seeks.
Arem Manalang


Beware of the 
Enemy Within.

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