Patching The Hurts That Never Heal

Patching The Hurts That Never Heal
Belinda Stott

Patching the hurts
that never heal

Patricia Sylvester

You are my
temporary fix!

Farha Jilani

Trying to heal myself
not knowing that healing
can’t repairs the cracks.
Some cracks are irrreparable.

Sanya Jain

Your wounds may not be your fault,
but their healing is your responsibility.

Felicia Holmes

If you can’t look at what is broken,
How will you ever work on
repairing the damage?

Barbara Bauer

I am broken but a band-aid
will not be a permanent fix.
Rising above the problem
is a permanent fix.

Rinku Shah

I am hurt,
Wasn’t alert
Life is the best teacher,
And I’m the healer.
Anything can be fixed,
When with love it’s mixed

Gideon Cañedo

Trust is like a glass,
once it is broken, you can patch it up,
but the condition will never be the same.

Drishti Nagdeo

You try to mend my soul,
Not realizing that I can never be whole.
I am like a broken glass;
my pieces having fallen apart,
Try as you might, you can never heal
the wound in my heart.

Sulekha Pande

The broken pieces of my soul,
the shattered fragments of my heart,
hurts, betrayals and the aches and pains,
I cover well with a band-aid,
you band-aid my soul,
to heal myself is now my goal.

Anindya J Ganguly

On the smashed piece of glass
From a broken ceiling
I hang onto You
Like a cliff on a Breeze.
You are my Sean, my savior, my balm
As I exist as a cracked hole
from a dwindling ceiling.

Debra Pry

You shattered my soul,
And I was broken.
But you didn’t realize ~
That my will was Stronger then my bones.

Karthik Parthasarathy

Gutted and broken to pellets,
Damaged through life’s bullets,
Never thought I could be fixed,
Till I met you that wonderful day.
We hit it on instantly,
You seemed to be the key to fix me,
Lo and behold, what do I know?
You are just a bandaid, though.

Ceona Chambers

Your words cut through me
like bullets through glass,
you tried to patch me back up
but it didn’t last,
your band-aid remains
but it couldn’t heal our past.

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