What Your Palm Lines Say About Your Love Life and Relationships

Your Palm Lines Say About Your Love Life and Relationships

It also signifies you are blessed with beauty. But, you are the most assertive and independent in the relationship. Also, you are likely to fall in love with someone younger to you.

(2) The line on the right palm is higher:

If the line on the right palm is higher than the left, it means you are an old soul who feels comfortable in the presence of older people. Hence, when it comes to marriage, you are most likely to marry a person older to you. No doubt you are good at heart, and definitely a true lover. However, you tend to be happy when you live your life on your terms and conditions.

You are not someone who will abide by the traditional way of thinking. Upfront and straightforward, you can see through a person no matter in what way they present themselves to you. There is a high chance that you will fall in love with someone who will not be easily accepted in your community. And, the reason can be anything like caste, economic background or anything else. But, your partner will consider you a mature and sensible person and will involve you in important decision-makings.

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(3) Both the lines are perfectly aligned and they show a perfect curve:

If both the lines are perfectly aligned and they form a perfect curve, it means you have a childish heart. You are an empathetic person. Your sensitivity touches others and people depend on you when they need someone to listen to their pain.

You will always choose a partner who is accepted by your family and friends. You feel uncomfortable by any change in your life, be it major or minor but no matter what happens, you fight through the obstacles and in the end, emerge out as a better and stronger person.

If your lines make a perfect semi-circle and are of the same height, then you are a calm and pleasant personality. You will have an amazing understanding of your spouse. Also, get loads of love and affection from your partner’s family. Your partner is highly likely to be stable and become a good father/mother.

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24 thoughts on “What Your Palm Lines Say About Your Love Life and Relationships”

  1. Can u tell me what this means my love line to just below in between my ring finger pinky my line is curved going down the way, then it curves up to the middle of my middle finger then it looks as if it goes just a tad higher and is straight between the middle of my middle finger and ending just at the side of my index finger ,none of the examples you have for this match mines lol, can u elaborate plz

    1. Mine line up perfectly too, most fo it its true, except the part where I marry someone my family apro es of, but that’s because I didn’t grow up with my parents. My husband’s family does care and show lots of affection towards me, and I repay them the same way. I would say this is very accurate.

    1. Mine either…. they are both im curious to know why because technically they are both even that mean both ideas bode well for me making it make sense but only in the notion that both areas in my life are true according to the given definitions for the lines. If anyone can clarify my dilemma please reach out to me my name is Kevin Lee my phone number is 9707999220.

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