Overthinking Is The Biggest Cause Of Unhappiness


Overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness.

19 thoughts on “Overthinking Is The Biggest Cause Of Unhappiness”

  1. Exactly, Allen. Tragically, vast numbers of human beings don’t think at All. It’s just so much easier and “safer” to be “dumbed down”, thereby choosing to take NO responsibility.

  2. Thinking it’s a constantly going process in minds but it’s absolutely depends how much v have to considered our normal thoughts. No such over or low again it’s up to you how much u can balance your own thoughts..

  3. So Satan would have you believe!
    If overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness! Whyj then does underthinking cause the most unhappiness in the world?
    They drank and driver,leading to a fatality/s!
    They said the titanic was unsinkable, but didn’t think to equate Ice berg impact!
    When we learn to think accurately and arrive a good solution/s we naturally stop overthinking as we don’t need to!!!
    So by trying to avoid a good solution,causes the mind to want to over think!because it wants to arrive with a solution(answer)!

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