Our Purpose

Our Purpose

~What is our purpose for being here?


In my opinion, some of the basic reasons are…


To learn from our various life experiences

 whatever lessons our soul requires

in order for us to grow and evolve.


To ask the questions we need answers to

along each step of the way,

 so we may facilitate our spiritual awakening.


To acknowledge the fact that we are each here

on our own individual journey of unfolding awareness.


To see and enjoy being alive

in the ongoing here and now moment

as a miraculous adventure.


To focus on whatever it is

we are highly passionate about

and strive to live true to these innate passions.


To learn to overcome our self-centeredness

and live with a sense of love,

 kindness and mutual respect for everyone.


For our consciousness to expand until we realize

that we are not the isolated self we thought,

but rather an inseparable part of everything

 and the source of life itself.


To find a way to help our fellow man

and add to the collective positive energy of this world.


It seems that how we choose to live our lives

will be our particular answer

 as to why we believe we are here.

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