Open Discussion leads to common ground.

Open Discussion leads to common ground.
Robert L. Nickens


Open Discussion leads to
common ground.


Jackie De Klerk


As soon as we 
communicate properly, 
the negatives of life 
will cease to exist. 
Egg L Aredhel

Learn to agree
to disagree.


Mai Quesada


contrasting opinions, 
beliefs, perspectives. .
but after a thorough brainwashing.
meeting of minds 
on common grounds. .
is achievable for positive results!
Karthik Parthasarathy

Differing perspectives,
Even those that are negative,
When they interact,
End up as positive.
Key being open communication,
The need to take action.


Colin Kehoe


Differing positions and inclinations,
when presented properly,
can lead to a positive solution
to the issue.


Nancy Shurkoff


When the conversation
is honest and real,
positive results are created.


Albert Wubs


That moment
when it all adds up!


Sulekha Pande


Connecting thoughts,
positive results.


Rinku Shah


Dialogue is most effective.
When both people are receptive!




They say,
“Divide and conquer”.
I say,
“Differ and concur”. 
Laypyay Chan Chan

Let there be unity in diversity
and diversity in unity.

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