I Can’t Find A Man I Love

I Can’t Find A Man I Love

I Can’t Find A Man I Love

Women are expected to fit into certain parameters or no man will find her attractive to be interested in her. This is what people are usually inclined to think.
If a woman is alone, people immediately take something is wrong with her. Maybe she lacks the charm, or maybe her choice of dressing or makeup is not appealing or perhaps her wit and humor are too much for a man.

A woman must always modify herself to fit into a man’s liking otherwise she should bear the curse of singlehood. But, in reality, any woman with a strong personality won’t care to meet such expectations and would snub a man for keeping such vile expectations rather than be his object of love.

Women who care to be themselves are not dying to fit into certain predefined stereotypical standards. They would not be hesitant in revealing their thoughts and views even though society may think it is less flattering for her sex.

I Can’t Find A Man I Love

Such women are self-reassured and don’t need a man to make them believe in their worth. They love themselves and are pretty tough.

Women with strong characters and independent minds find it difficult to gel with any ordinary man. A man who matches their standards and comprehends their thoughts, a man who interests them and attracts them and suits their idea of an ideal life partner is difficult to come by.

In short they cannot find a man who can make them fall in love.

A woman is single not because something is wrong with her, or she is not pretty or attractive. The problem is the lack of men who can fit their standards. Single women no longer feel unwanted or undesirable because they know it is not their problem. Ordinary men don’t fascinate her. So, clearly the problem is with the other sex.

Where is that man?

A self-aware man is not suffering from an identity crisis and possesses enough individuality to be in sync with a woman who has a mind of her own and knows and loves herself, is non-existent.
His views don’t impress her
A woman with an independent mind knows her views and stands by them. She wants a man whose views may not be the same as hers, but something she can respect and learn from. He should be capable of holding an intelligent conversation and speak on diverse topics.
She is willing to be challenged by a man who can strike the right chords of her mind.

Can he handle his past well?

Everyone has a past and so does a woman. However, a strong and dynamic woman knows to deal with her past and has the capacity to move on confidently. She doesn’t need anybody to tend to her wounds.
But, is the man in question capable of handling his past as well she does? Is he living in the present or his mind still lingering in the past?
A strong woman needs a man who has learned from her past and moved on.

Is he the one?

Independent and strong women are in no hurry to get into a relationship as they are in complete harmony and love with their own existence. A man who can arouse passion and fire and show the promise of a relationship that is as good as the one she shares with herself is the one she needs. Otherwise, she is quite happy alone.

Can he impress her on the bed?

She knows she is awesome and confident in bed. The men she has slept with before think the same and she is well aware of that. But she wonders if the man now in question will be good enough.

Can he satisfy her as she satisfies him?

Can he make her feel sexually alive? Can he gratify her needs because he derives satisfaction by giving her pleasure? She wants a man who knows sex is not over until both of them are satisfied.

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I Can’t Find A Man I Love


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