No In-betweens For The Zodiac Signs

No In betweens For The Zodiac Signs

There are No In-betweens…  

Aries: Either a stone-cold bitch or the most emotional sap ever who just wants to be around dogs.  

Taurus: Either the mom friend or satan.  

Gemini: I don’t even know what the F…  

Cancer: Either fun and outgoing or a total dick.  

Leo: Either feels like a total God or like total shit.  

Virgo: Either a social butterfly or a total introvert.  

Libra: Either a complete social flirt or only makes out with food and watches high school musical.  

Scorpio: Either the most sensitive person ever or the most insensitive.  

Sagittarius: Either a party animal or asleep 24/7 kinda person.  

Capricorn: Either the meanest person ever or the biggest memer ever.  

Aquarius: Either the most wonderful person ever or the most bitter person ever.  

Pisces: Either the most precious thing in the world or a still precious thing, screaming about how non-precious they are.

Upton Sinclair

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