Negative Self-talk Can Be Catastrophizing And More

Negative Self talk Can Be Catastrophizing And More


• Catastrophizing: Thinking about the worst that could happen. For example: ‘I will never get a partner.’

• Double standards: Holding yourself to stricter standards than others. For example: ‘I can’t fail. They can.’

• Labeling: Putting a negative label on yourself. For example, ‘Vam! Such a loser for making that mistake!’

• What-ifs: Thinking about how in a different situation you’d be happy. For example: ‘If only I’d be smarter.’

• Assumptions: Filling in for others what they think. For example: ‘They must think I am crazy and weak.’

• Self-criticism: Being critical about what you do and who you are. For example: ‘I am not worthy of anything.’

• Black-and-white: Seeing things as either a good or bad thing. For example: ‘I will never learn how to do this.’

• Should have’s: Considering what you should have done instead. For example: ‘I should’ve spoken up!’


Louisa Alcott