My Condolences And Apologies To Everyone Who Got Lost In Me

My apology if I didn’t give you a warning that I’m quite hard to love.
My apology if I didn’t stamp a sign on my forehead that said, “Never Give A Shit.” 
My apology if I didn’t ask you to stop becoming enticed by my allure.
My apology if I couldn’t blend, hide, and try not to be noticed.

My condolences for a part of you that rot when you fell for me.
My condolences for every 11 pm that you kept shedding tears because of me.
My condolences for the sadness that lived in your heart due to my negligence.
My condolences for both everything and nothing.

My bad if you felt threatened by my intelligence that I couldn’t hide no matter what.
My bad if you felt intimidated by my confidence that overflowed, and outshone you while beside me.
My bad if you froze by my coldness that I unknowingly, unaware of.
My bad if you couldn’t stand my loud, energetic ball of energy.

My sympathy for the times you couldn’t sleep at night thinking of me.
My sympathy for still feeling broken, and jaded by my presence that you lost.
My sympathy for a million worth of regrets that accumulated in the depth of your soul.
My sympathy for your inability to find someone you could replace me with.

I am sorry. I truly am. But I didn’t ask any of this.I didn’t ask you to come near me. And I hope you get to understand that.

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