Money Earned

Learning Earning

Your inference that your money speaks
Is a language you’ll soon unlearn
There are more currencies to seek
If life is perceived, found in turn

As you mature your interest peaks
All you received you soon return
If what you’re given is receipts
Then what you gave is your concern

We all play our strengths and not weaks
But are we stronger than our burn
Do you earn a life or is life the only earn?

Facepoet by Michael Hodder

Is money earned? Or is money, like love, time and all else, created by our beliefs? How is money really valued? Well that is simple, via your acceptance and consent of your beliefs and virtues towards it. Some souls are rich without a penny while others suffer immeasurably despite their fortunes.

Love, Time and Money are perceptions and therefore self or man made. While many of us allow the fear and ego driven agendas of others to focus us on how much we receive ourselves, the only real control we have upon these currencies is how much we are able to give. As the saying goes, “Man make the money, money never make the man”.

If we surround ourselves with corruptive limitations to these sources either through greed (Consumerism, Capitalism), envy (Racism, Radicalism), pride (Liberalism, Islamism), wrath (Terrorism, Communism), sloth (Monopolism, Idolism), lust (Perfectionism, Infatuationism) or gluttony (Protectionism, Patriotism) we steal only from ourselves, collectively earning nothing.

The conditioning may creep upon you slowly disguised as chores for pocket money or privileges. Which start out as harmless intentions to encourage you to participate in the same socially engineered environment your parents consented too and are now imposing upon you and your free will. At times of which you often protest and rebel against.

When they discover that removing your privileges (Love, Time and Money) isn’t working they then attempt to bribe you with one or all three. This now begins leading us into the next chapter “Money Borrowed” but hopefully has given you enough insight into how money is perceptively or imaginarily earned.

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