Marriage Is Like A Three Legged Race

Marriage Is Like A Three Legged Race
Aditi Prabhu

Marriage is like
a three-legged race.
You are have to strike
the right balance
between I and we.

You have to work together
as one
and yet maintain
your identity.

Sulekha Pande

Forced bonds,
can’t take you far.

Rinku Shah

I need you just as you need me,
To support one another and be free.
No one is an island,
We need each other up the highland.
A vow we made,
To be there as through muddy waters we wade.
Life is a journey…
Balance is the key!

Karthik Parthasarathy

A balancing act,
To share the space,
And the life,
With another of our choosing.
The need to walk together,
Without tripping or falling,
Yet enjoying the company,
Love is indeed a balancing act.

M Jeyaram

Tie the knot
and tighten the bond,
for we challenge
the world together.

Debra Pry

Find a partner
that’s in tune
with your Madness,
But gives you
leg room to breathe.

Roxy Scott

Together we walk
as one.

Debra L Laing

Without love
we are fettered
by solitary entwinement.

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