Life Knows No Failure

 August 26, 2018

Life Knows No Failure

Life knows no failure. Failure exists only for those who are always comparing themselves with others.

~ Sadhguru.

7 comments on “Life Knows No Failure

  1. Only 97% of the world population are shats / truthers . Others are a-shats /liars 3% wolves and foxes cunning animals of humans . Now forest is emptying , 95% populations sheeples .who are subconcious ones i They are fodars to jews /pundits for the forest of junky tech ,fraud science , urban shats divided from the Soil earth ! Shats make life sustainable in the soil earth by organic skills to process ! ASHATS III RACES GED /GOD EMPOWERED WITH SUPPORT OF BROTHELS PIMSPS AND PSYCHOS . RACES AND JADIES ARE TRADITION AND HERITAGES LANGUAGES ANd MORES OF TAMIL is now dravidians sickness infested . FAKE SNSCRIT FRAUD ENGLISH BANK EDUCATION AND MEDICINE AND ECONOMY ARE LIES . LIARS AGENDAS TO MAKE WRONG DOOMOCRAXY OF VOTE FOR ALL NOT FOR THE EVOLVED ONES IS CRIME OF THE GLOBAL SOCIETY ! Laws military police are to protect the super wealthies and filthies wealthies ! Agendas and pundits like shat guru only breivity nonsenses , tewaking truths to safeguard wealthies !35 human subconsicous animals exist only inside conjested 4 walled cities lies ! It cities destroyed lies will get reduced, if atheism banned dravidianism controlled , libertarians madness stopped !

  2. At the end of the day. I still don’t know why you were harassing me or what it has to do with my son. You are the biggest fucking failures out there. You took someone like me that had a good heart and turned it cold. None of you are worth that.

  3. You know what. You just spent how many years trying to convince people I’m someone else among other things and you failed so you fired me. Tell Kenny that IS discrimination btw and telling me I have to give it up to get ahead is sexual harassment. I don’t know what your idea is of success but you aren’t even good at communication and you are not supportive; that makes you failures in my world. I’m about truth and equality.

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